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Encounter Map – Sanctuary Lodge

The lodge within Sanctuary Vale. I really liked how the rafters turned out! I need to start doing that again. This was one of the few maps where I imported Roll20 map assets onto the map to begin with, which I now… Read More

Encounter Map – Sanctuary Vale

Sanctuary Vale is a pure forest filled with large and dangerous wildlife. A remote Clontish hunting lodge serves as a waypoint for local travelers seeking to try their lick in the forest and the hidden caves within the valley. This is one… Read More

Encounter Map – Pragmatics Lab

The College of Pragmatics has taken reasonable steps to ensure their experiments do not escape. Filling their corridors with poison, lava, and worse seems a small price to pay for safety, no?

Encounter Map – Theoretics Lab

The inner laboratories of the College of Theoretics are filled with strange substances, areas where the nature of the universe has been altered, and remarkably well crafted topiary creatures (wait, did that one move??).

Encounter Map – Versity Headmaster’s Office

Every magic academy needs a bizarre and tricky headmaster to run things and generally make a mess of our protagonist’s life. Versity is no exception! In these alcoves find a range of magical traps requiring a soft touch to actually reach the… Read More