Encounter Map – Grandmill Palace

The final dungeon of the Boarhardt Campaign. Due to the loss of Enc’s computer the full size maps, and the other 4 sections of this dungeon, were lost. The rest were screen captures of these maps in Roll20.

Encounter Map – Grandmill Sector Three

A section of Grandmill: Sector Three. Shopping. Factories. DANGER?? This was the first, and last, map to use both photoshop and sketchup to crate a 3d landscape for a map. The rest of the Grandmiull maps relied only… Read More

Encounter Map – Grandmill Factory Courtyards

The first map using 3d animation with photoshop instead of sketchup. Several major issues with shadows and angles are present on this map, and it wasn’t really usable for the campaign. It was a great experience though and… Read More

Encounter Map – Grandmill Facility

One of the many Grandmill 3d maps. This one required the party to split into three groups to advance.

Encounter Map – Grandmill Warehouse

One of the handful of 3d maps made for the Grandmill Arc.

Encounter Map – Grandmill 3rd Fleet Airdock

To wrap up the Boarhardt Campaign, the party led a daring assault upon the technological city of Grandmill. Having long discussed it in absence, to make the city feel suitably steampunk I decided to make full 3d models… Read More