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Handbook: Updates to Human Racial Abilities, a New Feat, and New Technology Items

Since playtesting the Falleron Human variant, we have got a lot of positive feedback. The regional traits give humans a lot of flavor and make them feel very much like their own race of beings rather than being a default option with some slight, boring stat advantages. That said, linking human racial traits to specific locations in Falleron felt really limiting to a lot of players, so in updating the human racials we wanted to get away from tying class features to geographic locations and instead tie them to community traits (Such as Adaptable or Militant).

As a whole, most of the traits are slightly updated or streamlined versions of earlier human traits. You will also note that Humans no longer get a feat at character creation, instead they may mix and match two human traits. This is to help streamline the problems with feats that are becoming rampant in 5E (especially with certain ones like Sentinel).  For full details, see the human racial page.

Speaking of feats, the Versity Academy Alumni feat is now added to our feats page. This feat is the same as the old human trait of the same name and provides spell restoration on a short rest.

One of the new human traits, Innovator, refers to a number of new wondrous technology items, now listed on our Items and Equipment page.


Handbook: Updates to Vampire Races

Over the last year, we have been play testing Blessed and Fallen vampires and have realized there are some issues with their mechanics. As written, Blessed vampires have far too many penalties to keep track up, and the paper upkeep is too much to keep interesting. Fallen vampire work, perhaps a bit too well in some games, but also end up with some problems in how often they can use their bite attack.

After discussing with our vampire players and looking into some rules changes, we are now updating the Vampire races for the Falleron Handbook. A brief list of changes follows, but see the Vampire race page for the full list of changes.

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