Encounter Map – Old Graveyard

The old graveyard outside of Highchurch holds the honored remains of many great and noble folk. Just don’t visit it after dark! Also: an after dark map:

Encounter Map – Cathedral Catecombs

The cathedral of Pharasma hides a massive series of burial chambers and catecombs beneath! Who knows what mischief could be going on down here.

Encounter Map – Cathedral of Pharasma

The Cathedral of Pharasma, located in the center of Highchruch. In the original campaign we didn’t have our own pantheon yet fully established. Pharasma no longer is part of the Pantheon for Falleron, making her cathedral something of… Read More

Encounter Map – Faith’s Fortress

The great fortress of Highchurch: Faith’s Fortress. Here the paladins and great knights congregate for their various crusades across the realm.

Encounter Map – Highchurch Undertown

Deep beneath the streets of Highchurch lies a second city, one reflecting the darker and more sinister aspects of life. Here bordellos, a black market, and secret enclaves of defrocked priests brood in the dim light.

Town Map – Highchurch

Highchurch, great capital of the Alafayan Heartlands and home of the great cathedral of northern Ovid. This was one of the few maps I made that I was able to actually play! Highchurch as several great noble houses… Read More

Encounter Map – Thieves Guild Cellar

Beneath the Alafayan Heartlands lies a secret enclave of the Thieves Guild, a hideout for those on the run from the proper authorities.

Encounter Map – Alafayan Heartlands

The Alafayan Heartlands are the breadbasket of the Kingdom of Ovid, home to the finest produce and wine. Visit the local pub, or head up the hill to sample the local noble’s new vintage! This was the first… Read More