Encounter Map – The Watchtower (8-in-1)

As a special bonus for my 100th map, we have the Old Watchtower. This massive map has 8 levels and is perfect for any number of campaigns (from king-of-the-hill style defense to sneaking in and investigating the secrets… Read More

Encounter Map – Briarthorn Inn Redux

Map #99. First attempt to make my own furniture, doorway arches, and universal lighting before it went into Roll20. I’m really happy with how this came out.

Encounter Map – Town Hall Basement

Beneath the Town Hall is a series of tombs of the mayors of ancient past…

Encounter Map – Outer Plane of Memory

Farmer Mawson’s eldrich experiments opened up a portal into the outer plane of memory, where the party encounters images of the past and malignant outsiders.

Encounter Map – The Mawson Farmstead

Farmer Mawson lost a horse and found a primer on necromancy. Horrible, horrible madness ensued.

Encounter Map – Briarthorn Inn

The Briarthorn Inn, a place of ale and comfortable beds for visitors to town.

Encounter Map – Mullenstone Shrine

In the hills above Mullenstone a small shrine offers villagers comfort in their times of spiritual need.

Encounter Map – Mullenstone Old Mine

The Old Mine is the starting location for our player “Scab,” a mining construct who has become an expert in punching.

Encounter Map – Gypsy Clearing

A clearing to be filled with a Gypsy camp. The Vardos and tents will move over time, so these are to be added using Roll20.

Encounter Map – Mullenstone Town Hall

The first map made for the new Mullenstone Campaign, starting in August 2015. Taking place about 100 years after the Boarhardt campaign, players begin with a new party disconnected to the previous adventurers. Each player is from the… Read More

Encounter Map – Chester Falls

Chester falls, a smallish bridge with a lot of foundation. Favorite of divers and lizardfolk swimmers.

Encounter Map – McGee Farmstead

A descendant of the original Farmer McGee has has started a new farm near Mullenstone. Don’t mess with his cabbages!

World Map – Mullenstone Campaign

Mullenstone is a town along the Econ River, halfway between Grandmill and Kingsbridge. Here our party will focus on a more local campaign for 2015-16 focusing on a smaller cast and more immediate threats than the globe-trotting campaign… Read More