Encounter Map – Jackal’s Heights Caverns

The Jackal’s Heights Caverns wind through the gaps in the limestone karst and provide shelter to bandits, dark sorcerers, and foul beasts. Also something with a lot of green stuff or something? Huh.

Encounter Map – Jackal’s Heights

Located just north of Sanctuary Vale, Jackal’s Heights is a limestone karst with sharp, jagged spires lancing up to the sky. Elaborate caverns run through the region, and a salt water inlet reaches in from Barrier Bay.

Encounter Map – Waterfall Cave

The Waterfall Cave located within Sanctuary Vale. A dank, damp cave with some truly breathtaking sights and equally breathtaking monsters. A++ WOULD SPELUNK AGAIN.

Encounter Map – Ancient Den

The Ancient Den, a cavern map inside the Sanctuary Vale. Inside are all sorts of beasts and bad things- perfect for the would be hunter looking for a prize. This was my first underground map. I liked it… Read More

Encounter Map – Sanctuary Lodge

The lodge within Sanctuary Vale. I really liked how the rafters turned out! I need to start doing that again. This was one of the few maps where I imported Roll20 map assets onto the map to begin… Read More

Encounter Map – Sanctuary Vale

Sanctuary Vale is a pure forest filled with large and dangerous wildlife. A remote Clontish hunting lodge serves as a waypoint for local travelers seeking to try their lick in the forest and the hidden caves within the… Read More