Town Map – Merrydale

The town of Merrydale was the end of a longer arc which took players through the village of Willow Springs, the wild and fearsome Tuskwold forest, and the cold reaches of Winterark. Unfortunately the death of Enc’s computer… Read More

Town Map – Taintsville

The city of Taintsville, the home of the Night Watch militia terrorizing the Lockwood and Carillon. The city is ruled by the Dark Lady, a terrible and powerful Black Court vampire ruling from her fortress in the northern… Read More

Town Map – Carillon

Carillon is a quiet and peacful town. Known as the City of Bells, this prosperous city boasts the only fae-tended park in the entire realm. Over the course of the Boarhardt Guild much of the party’s actions went… Read More

Town Map – Highchurch

Highchurch, great capital of the Alafayan Heartlands and home of the great cathedral of northern Ovid. This was one of the few maps I made that I was able to actually play! Highchurch as several great noble houses… Read More

Town Map – Taintsville (Version One)

Taintsville is the capital of the Eastern Lockwood and rules by the reclusive Dark Lady, a Black Court Vampire of phenomenal power. One of the many “Early Lockwood” maps. These were eventually tossed for a much improved and… Read More

Town Map – Clontstead Interior

The inside of the Clontstead Town Map. Clonts enjoy gardening and have lots of lush, green and growing things in their homes. They also like to make some houses look like 8-track cassette tapes (aparently)?

Town Map – Clontstead

The first true “Town” made for the Boarhardt Campaign, intended for shopping, stealing, and crafting between the Sanctuary Vale arc and the Genevian Highlands arc. Clontstead is the hidden refuge of the Clont, a race of large humanoids… Read More