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Region Map – The Meridian Islands

Connecting back to the Shipwreck Island map, we expand Falleron to the south and west with this expanded world map:

Area Map – Kingsbridge

With the Crown of the Heartlands campaign returning to Kingsbridge, perhaps it is time to see Kingsbridge for all it has to offer:

World Map – Falleron 2017

Just in time for the new year (approximately) is the 2017 update to the Falleron World Map. This latest version expands out the total scope to look at the world beyond the Kingdom of Ovid and reveals the far corners of Revalia,… Read More

Request – World of Arcadia

This is a request world map for TheRoadVirus’s campaign over on Penny Arcade. This time I went for a painted look as I wanted to show the differences between the lush outer realms and the post-apocalyptic canter area. The clouds also served… Read More

Request – The Iron Line

A request for Grunt Ghost on the Penny Arcade forums from his 13th Age campaign. It has a very One Piece feel to it (and I start humming “We Are!” every time I see it 😀 ). For giggles I made a… Read More