The Aliga


Aspects: Craftsmanship, Slavery, and Destruction Patrons: The Hexblade
Common Follower Alignment: Any Neutral or Evil. Place of Power: Aligan ruins.
Other Names: The Giantsouls Enemies: The Great Clont


In ancient times, the race of Giants came to see the power of their cousins, the Clont, and the force of their ancestor spirits. The Great Clont allowed the Clont to learn powerful skills and work together in ways the Giants simply could not understand. Among their most powerful in the arcane, the Giants attempted to create their own shared spirit to allow them the power to conquer and subject the Clont, and all lesser races, to their power. In the realm of Tohopek Aliga they made a breakthrough, though it was not what they imagined.

The Giants of the Aliga clan managed to sever the soul from a giant and fuse it to an object. The object retained sentience, and even gained power from the soul to become a conduit of power. Their experimentation grew from there, fusing the souls of captives and the elderly giants into tools, weapons, even stones and structures. Through this profane power, the Aliga created a great empire that stretched across Avalonia, Brevardrim and southern Ovid.

But they were not satisfied. The most powerful soulmasters of the Aliga sought greater power, even immortality, and gathered all the remaining soulmasters to their massive city of Tohopek Aliga, where the streets were paved with the souls of the conqured. They created one, last spell to gain even greater power.

And failed.

As one, every soulmaster, and nearly every giant in Aliga (and many from the world at large) vanished in an instant. Their objects, possessions, tools, and weapons remained, still bound with souls. Of what became of the Aliga, none truly know. What is known is that their weapons and tools remained, and still had their magical power from the souls trapped within. To this day, giant-sized daggers of the Aliga are used as swords for the other mortal races. Their armors and tools have been reformed to be objects of power across the realm. Trade in their spells is a great business in Avalonia and beyond.

All avoid their ruins, however. When the land itself is alive, and angry at being imprisoned for thousands of years, nothing good comes from visiting.


The Aliga remain as their tools. Weapons, tomes, armors, even rocks and bowls and the most mundane of objects. The Aliga trapped souls in anything and everything they could, if only for the sake of doing so.

Agenda: Consume

Aligan souls are not immortal. They require the life-force of living beings in order to sustain their half-life locked inside their tools. They seek only to be used. Swords desire to cut the living and draw upon their life-force. Armors seek to drain their wearers. Aligan relics may give great power, but the price is always high.

Enemies: The Great Clont

The Aliga are the antithesis of everything the Great Clont stands for. They consume the life and knowledge of the living, burning it away forever. Nothing would be more nourishing than consuming an all-encompassing ancestor spirit. It would be… delicious.

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