The Chimera


The Chimera is associated with ruin and greed.


The Chimera was born of Gien and Tamberlain’s possessive and self-destructive qualities, and sought to trap and consume both for itself. It has existed in many cultures, a being with the worst and most powerful aspects of every animal, frequently guarding a vast hoard of wealth that would make even the greatest dragon blush. For a long time it dwelled in the Heartlands of Ovid, worshiped by the Chimi people, a race of evil humans who revered it as their true god and brought it constant blood sacrifices at their great temple in Fallowen Forest, but in time the first king of Ovid drove away the beast and it fled the land.

The Chimera is a being of great evil, and brings ruin wherever it goes. Flames of destruction pass in its wake, and it will hoard anything of value for itself. The Chimera only suffers followers when they serve it a constant supply of sacrifices, and only grants such powers to sate its eternal hunger and greed for everything it can consume. Should they stop providing it what it desires, they then become its food.

Cults to the Chimera are greedy and hedonistic, they do not find joy in their sacrifices, and they sacrifice anything they come across to their demon in exchange for power. This power is never enough, though, and it always makes them seek more.