The Dark Queen

The Dark Queen

Aspects: The Dark Queen is associated with protection and vengeance by the Vampire, and as a predator and monster by other races. Patrons: The Raven Queen
Common Follower Alignment: Any Vampire Place of Power: Taintsville, the Deadwood, The Black Tower of Kire
Other Names: Morgaine Blackbriar, the Exiled Queen Enemies: The Three Sisters


Often said to be a direct descendant of the Vampire initially blessed by Compassion in the most ancient of times, the Dark Queen is the ruler of the Black Court of Vampires, a powerful cadre of the undead and their mortal servants which rule from the city of Taintsville within the Kingdom of Ovid. The Dark Queen has lived for millennia, and is one of the oldest creatures in the realms of Falleron.

Over this time, she has amassed energy and power to the point of becoming nigh indestructible, and her powers of suggestion and reanimation of the undead are legendary. From her dark court she grants her blessings to those who would do her bidding to the wide world. Despite the initial fear and distrust of many towards the Vampire Courts, the Dark Queen seeks one thing over all others: the Eternal Rose. If she finds it she can then cure the affliction of undead once and for all and free her children from the suffering they face ever from the other races. She is also fiercely protective of her Court and those who live within its influence, and the mortal races within her realms and influence typically live safer and happier lives than many, so long as they do not cross her.

This goal does not belie the fact that she constantly seeks power for herself and her Court, and historically this has led to conflicts such as the Carillon Revolution and the fall of the First Kingdom of Ovid in centuries past. In modern Ovid she holds a place as a noble, and ranking, member of the Council of Nobles, but what her current aims are none can say. Her enemies do not debate if she can be destroyed, such thoughts are folly. Their only concern is how her power can be contained  (if it even can be).

The Dark Queen is also the founding member of The Revenants, and while she does not directly control them she does frequently aid them.


The Dark Queen is a physical entity, albeit one of extraordinary power. She appears as a human woman with pale white skin and hair like spun silver. Her name comes from the dark robes and cloaks she clads herself in, nearly always black or dark grey, and almost always she walks the world cowed in a deep hood to hide her unearthly beauty. It is believed that she is a Blessed Vampire, though her powers are such that it is difficult to tell.

Agenda: The Eternal Rose

Like the Three Sisters, the Dark Queen’s agenda is also focused upon the Eternal Rose. She seeks it with every step she takes so that one day she can lift the curse of undeath from her, her children, and those others afflicted by Morrigan’s touch. She spurns the gods, instead relying upon her own powers to seek their power for herself. She constantly experiments with the threshold between life and death, and while she comes close to true life, she can never quite reach it without the Eternal Rose. Her political ambitions, while frequent, are always a means to an end. As Queen her ability to seek the rose would be magnified considerably.

Enemies: The Three Sisters

The demigods of the plantfolk, the Three Sisters, are frequently what stands between the Dark Queen and her ambitions. Their agents drive back her scouts, confound her emissaries, and even raise the Lockwood itself against her people constantly. No threat is considered greater to The Dark Queen than the sisters, and their defeat is often directly upon her mind.

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