The Great Clont

The Great Clont

Aspects: The Great Clont is associated with humor and ferocity, attributes that all Clont aspire to obtain and emulate. Patrons: The Seeker
Common Follower Alignment: Any Clont or Half-Clont Place of Power: The ancient halls of Clontstead
Other Names: Ancestor Spirits Enemies: The Aliga


The Great Clont is the ancestor spirit and collective consciousness of the Clontish people. Formed from Compassion’s blessing in ancient times, she created a bond between every Clont and their ancestors so that they would know the consequences of their actions and learn from their mistakes. This manifests itself in different ways for each Clont, though the ability to tap into this consciousness exists in every Clont should they choose to embrace it.

In most, it is only found in dreams and visions during times of great stress and conflict, granting them insight to attain their goals through the wisdom of their ancestors. In some more attuned to their spiritual side, it manifests itself as a constant dialog between their ancestors and themselves, providing insight and occasionally eccentric behavior as they learn to grow from the experiences of the past.

Due to this, all Clont seek to make their lives worth living so that when they pass on they can leave experiences and wisdom to provide to those who follow after them. This shows up in the legendary boast culture that Clonts follow, where their personal tale of triumphs defines their self-identity. Clont seek to be the best at their goals, or to overcome a great challenge, or to try to see and discover more and greater things than any who have come before them. This has led to Clonts wandering the wide world, and mixing amongst all the races as they seek their goals.


Many Clont see their ancestors in their dreams, and some can manifest visions or powers with them directly through their close connection to their spirits. Clontish Warlocks are especially close to their ancestor spirits and can perform great works and powers with their assistance. In the great hall of Clontstead, it is said that the Ancestor Spirits walk freely for all to see, providing guidance and support for those seeking their wisdom. It is difficult to confirm this, as only Clontfolk are allowed within the halls and they do not speak of what they see there to outsiders.

Agenda: The Great Quest


Like all lesser powers, the Great Clont has an agenda it seeks to perform across the world. The Great Clont seeks to guide each of the Clontfolk into a life of greatness and renown so that when each Clont dies and they join the great ancestor spirit, they can bring new tales and knowledge with them to add to their collective knowledge and thus better aid the rest of the Clont. At an early age, Clont venture to the halls of Clontstead to define their quest, either to proclaim it proudly or seek aid in discovering it, before setting out in the world.

Enemies: The Aliga

The Aliga stands for everything that the Great Clont isn’t. A foul mockery of the spiritual collective of the Clontish people, the Aliga openly destroys knowledge and kills the spirits within others. Because of this, followers of the Great Clont shun Aligan weapons and tools. Many Clont that feel like they have failed at their great quest, or that feel their quest is stealing their free will, turn away from their ancestor spirits. Some even take up Aligan blades against their own people.

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