The Maker (D4D1-0S)

The Maker

Aspects: The Maker is associated with intelligence and craftsmanship, especially as it pertains to machinery. Patrons: The Maker (Falleron Custom Patron)
Common Follower Alignment: Any Construct or craftsman who works closely with them. Place of Power: Grandmill, Factories, Smithies, Places of Technology
Other Names: D4D1-0S, Daedalus Enemies: The Aliga, The Gods, The Demons (Pretty much everyone).


The Maker is universally worshipped the Constructs, all will praise the Maker, known in B.A.S.I.C. as “D4D1-0S” and in common simply as Daedalus, for their invention. All Constructs are certain of the Maker’s existence and revere it, but do not directly worship it as a deity. As Constructs lack any ability to produce mana or magic, their abilities in connection with the Maker are more oriented towards cultural faiths than actual desire for clerical powers.

Scholars theorize that The Maker refers to Daedalus, the craftsman whose toys became the first constructs through the touch of Compassion. Its power allows constructs to manipulate craft and technology with remarkable ease, and alter such to their own devices with awesome power. Little is understood of this being beyond the Constructs, they do not speak of it often, and when they do it is usually in their strange, numeric tongue of B.A.S.I.C..

For non-constructs, a number of craftsmen and technologists who work closely with constructs have found their faith and favor with The Maker, and frequently call upon his help in their goals of creating new and interesting clockwork devices.


There are no known manifestations of The Maker, as far as the mortal races are concerned. Many Constructs claim to discover hidden code and patterns in the world around them that reveal his aims and purposes, and seek to follow them.

Agenda: The First Blade

The Maker has but one agenda: to protect and hide the First Blade. This is an agenda that, sadly, it has failed to do. The First Blade has become lost in history and the constructs are constantly seeking it to hide it away from the mortals as they were charged by Compassion. While this compulsion is rarely active, whenever a Construct discovers that the First Blade is about, they almost immediately are contacted in some fashion by The Maker with orders and assistance.

Enemies: Goddamn everyone it seems like, I mean come on…

These mortal races seem to want the First Blade as some kind of status symbol. Idiots, the lot of them. The gods and demons have fought over it for years, and they are known enemies more often than friends. Only Compassion, Mab, Morrigan, and the Fool seem to understand the grave responsibility a weapon of such power carries and respect the Constructs in their goals. Everyone else is a potential threat, and hopefully one that the construct will never need fight for their goals.

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