The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

Aspects: The Wild Hunt is associated with humor and ferocity. Patrons: The Archfae
Common Follower Alignment: Any chaotic. Usually Fae or those who have been to the Faewild. Place of Power: The Faewild
Other Names: The Greatest Game Enemies: Join or Die


The Wild Hunt is a great traveling pack within the  Faewilds, which offers a choice to all who come across it: become a hunter or the hunted. Those mortals who join the hunt become akin to hunting beasts, often hounds, which serve the Fae lords of the Hunt. Occasionally, they survive the encounter and return to their waking lives with lingering lycanthropy, if not fully transformed into a Werefolk.

Those of especially high will and strength which join the Hunt retain their forms, or even become elevated as Elfkin, Stoutkin, Fiendkin, or Greenkin driving the Hunt towards newer and greater prey. There is no single ruler of the Wild Hunt, it is directed by the strongest hunter within the group at any time, and its only goal is the glory of the continued hunt.

Those who choose to resist it, or hesitate in joining, become as prey to the Hunt. Mercilessly tracked for their rest of their waking and dreaming lives until the Hunt finally finds them.

Often considered the stuff of legends, it rarely ventures into the world of mortals save at the direction of those leading the Hunt. Occasionally those seeking its power have confronted it and rose through its hunt to become the leader, directing it at a singular goal and target to awesome and terrible effect.


The Wild Hunt is always manifested by its very nature. It is a great hunting pack, sometimes as few as several dozen hounds and hunters, sometimes a great host of thousands. The power gained from it comes from the lingering effects of being part of the hunt.

Agenda: The Hunt

The Wild Hunt encourages those who join it to seek pleasure in finding what they want and destroying it. Those who manage to hold their minds while joined often gain powers to better seek out their prey, often those who personally wronged them or have something they absolutely must have.

Enemies: Join or Die

Those that do not join the hunt become the hunted, the only enemy the Wild Hunt keeps above all else.

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