The Three Sisters

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The Three Sisters

Aspects: The Three Sisters are associated with plants, the seasons, and the natural world. Patrons: The Three Sisters (Falleron Custom Patron)
Common Follower Alignment: Any that value nature. Place of Power: Caves, Forests, Grasslands, Fields
Other Names: Vein, Mother Oak, and Shimmer Enemies: The Dark Queen


When Compassion hid the Eternal Rose, the first Plantfolk she raised was born of a great oak tree overlooking the field of flowers the rose was hidden within. She named this being Mother Oak. To Mother Oak she charged with sheltering the Eternal Rose and keeping the ground beneath it fertile.

Next she created Shimmer, a maiden of the meadow grasses and flowers. To her she charged to hide the Eternal Rose by creating innumerable plants and grasses around it to hide it amongst the multitude of wildflowers.

Finally she created Vein, a trufflekin crone, and charged her to seek out those who would do the Eternal Rose harm and prevent them from taking action. Vein set off underground, seeking dark and secret ways to listen and seek out all threats to the Rose and to nature itself.

The Three Sisters are powerful demigods and can be seen both through their powers in nature and through direct contact (for those who find them). They are patient and contemplative, and grants their wisdom to any who seek to understand nature itself without the influence of gods or demons. The Three Sisters see the need for all of the gods and the seasons they bring with them. Gien’s spring brings new growth, Mab’s wild summer new possibilities, Alethia’s autumn the strength to harvest and prepare for Morrigan’s long cold winter. Through each of these, The Three Sisters endure, watching and living as patiently as the world itself, ever seeking balance.

Most of those who seek their blessings are farmers and harvest witches, those more connected to their land and nature than to any of the gods and great beings of power. Together, the three guide them with wisdom, and occasionally reveals themselves to mortal races to make their intentions of seeing balance known.


The first plantfolk was born from Compassion alone in her desperate search to find a guardian to keep the Eternal Rose safe from the other gods. Along her journey, she came across a wooded grove, filled with flowers and mushrooms. Here the precious rose would look like but one of many, and she hoped it might be safe. After planting the rose at the foot of a great tree, she spread her power throughout the grove and the mushrooms, trees, and grasses rose up as sentient beings to her call.

The strongest of these was the Mother Oak, an Arborkin that emerged from the tree above the Eternal Rose. Mother Oak swore to compassion that her arms would shelter the rose from harm and guard it throughout the seasons that would follow.

The youngest of these was Shimmer, a willowy Meadowfolk maiden, who swore to keep the Eternal Rose company and be the last line of defense should someone enter it’s garden.

Last to rise was the elderly Trufflekin crone, Vein, who swore to seek and destroy those who would take the rose for themselves, and left the grove to seek out this dark mission. And so these beings continue to keep charge of the Eternal Rose, and the wild places across the world. While most believe Plantfolk to be the least numerous of the races of Falleron, their capacity to hide in plain sight makes this hard to prove.

Agenda: The Eternal Rose

Like all lesser powers, the Three Sisters have an agenda they spread their power to achieve. Their goals are well known to all, though how they achieve them is still sometimes a mystery. The Three Sisters seek to protect the Eternal Rose, an artifact of great power that grants the wielder the ability to create life itself. To this end, they seek out threats to the rose, keep it hidden, and shelter it and the other natural places of the world. While few, if any, followers of the Three Sisters are granted knowledge of the rose, all seek to protect the wilderness and natural places of the world from harm, no matter where that harm comes from.

Enemies: The Dark Queen

The one power in this world that seeks the Eternal Rose over all other goals is The Dark Queen, the great patron of the Vampires. With it, she could spend its powers to grant life and release to the eternal torment of her people. The Three Sisters know that such power is not for the hands of any save the gods, and seeks to prevent The Dark Queen and her minions from finding it wherever possible.

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